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Speak Up, Speak Out for Immigrant Rights

I never considered myself an activist until I joined Connecticut Students for a Dream, a

Millennials for Reproductive Freedom

Planned Parenthood Generation Action Internship  is a network of young organizers and activists across Connecticut and Rhode Island who take action on their college campuses and in their communities to mobilize advocates for reproductive freedom...

Black women since the dawn of time have exemplified courage, wisdom, strength and beauty.  As the matriarchs of our communities, heroes to our children and warriors in our battles, these women have bravery woven down their spine...

Even in 2015, we still live in a world where people and institutions continue to devalue women’s bodies and limit their reproductive rights. Fortunately, advocates everywhere are working to change the status quo so that women from all walks of life are free to have children when they want and with whom they want, and to resist being coerced into making choices that are not their own.  

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